How to Videos

DISCLAIMER Philomath Rental makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the use of these videos. These videos are for informational use only, with no guarantee the video is suited for Renter’s intended use of the equipment, or that it is free from defects. Philomath Rental shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to Renter, or to any property where the equipment is being used or operated… including incidental, special, or consequential damages in any way connected with the operation, use, defect in, or failure of the equipment.


Aerator, Lawn
Light Tower Glo Bug, Multiquip
Auger, One-Man
Loader, ASV Rubber Track Skidsteer
Auger, One-Man Handheld
Loader, MT52 BobCat Mini

Auger, Two-Man
Log Splitter, Iron Oak

BrushCutter, Billy Goat Outback
Nailer, Floor Pneumatic
BrushCutter With Blade

Ozone Generator
Carpet Cleaner
Paint Sprayer, Airless
Carpet Stretcher

Pressure Washer
Cement Trowel, 36″ Gas Powered
Sander, Orbital, Essex-Silver Line
Chipper, Vermeer 6″
Saw, Cut Off

Cider Press
Saw, Tile
Compactor, Plate
Snake, Electric
Compactor, Plate, Reversible
Sod Cutter

Compactor, Rammer
Stumpgrinder, Vermeer

Demolition Hammer
Excavator, Kubota U-45 Mini
Leaf Blower, Stihl BackPack
Tiller, Medium, Merry
Lift, Bil-Jax Boom

Tiller, Reartine, Barreto
Lift, Fork Lift

Tractor, Kubota B7800
Lift, Genie Scissor
Trencher, Track, Barreto
Lift, Sheetrock Panel

WeedEater, Line, Stihl